Low-Carbohydrate Diet Could Increase LDL Cholesterol Levels

Low-carbohydrate diet could be the cause of high unhealthy cholesterol levels in the blood or known as LDL cholesterol, a Swedish study suggests.

The 25-year study focused on diet and heart disease risk factors in northern Sweden, where men had some the highest prevalence of cardiovascular disease worldwide in the 1970s.

People are advised to reduce their fat intake. But starting last decade, there was an explosion in the popularity of low carbohydrate diet regimes in favor of cutting out sugar and starch, while increasing fat intake, including saturated fat, according to researcher published in the Journal of Nutrition by BioMed Central.

“While low carb fat diet can help short-term weight loss, but the results of the Swedish study showed that long-term weight loss is not maintained and this diet increases blood cholesterol, which has a huge impact on the risk of cardiovascular disease,” said Professor Ingegerd Johansson, from Umea University, who led the study.

The elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood coincided with increased intake of fat, especially saturated fat and fats for spreading on bread and meals, the researcher reported.